Who We Are

The TalentLab Collaborative team is comprised of IO psychologists with experience in multiple industries implementing organizational development initiatives and maximizing talent insights. Our network of consultants build customized solutions paired with modern technology enabling organizations to make real-time decisions that increase productivity, profitability, and employee experiences.

Team Members

Consultant Locations

Cups of Coffee

Our Philosophy

We were born out of a desire to improve,
to disrupt the status quo of work-life.

Powered by value,
making a lasting contribution that makes a positive impact.

Inspired by opportunities,
to solve complex problems, deliver deep insight, and help individuals enjoy work.

Our Values

  • Collaborate to Win

    Utilize each other’s unique strengths and expertise to fulfil each client’s individual needs.

  • Energize the Workforce

    Our goal is to improve every workforce we interact with in the hopes that everyone loves their job.

  • Respectfully Blunt #realtalk

    Open, honest, respectful communication helps us address problems and make improvements.

  • We Listen

    We welcome feedback throughout the consulting process so we can further ensure a phenomenal client experience.

  • Work Hard, Play Harder

    Work-life balance is important to our team. In order to consistently deliver the highest quality service, we encourage a healthy separation from work.