We are TalentLab Collaborative

We believe people are the most important asset of the workforce. In a world full of dissatisfied employees, we assess, plan, distribute, discover, and design solutions to improve every organization’s most important asset-- their talent. The process starts on day one with new employee orientation and goes through their last day. Gain actionable information about how you can maximize your organization's human capital potential, retain top performers, and create an enjoyable work environment. Let our team help you design your next survey project and see the true value of your talent.

Meet the Team!

The Employee Lifecycle Experience

  • Onboarding

    Gather feedback on hiring, how to integrate new staff into company culture and prepare them for success.

  • 360° Feedback

    Accelerate leadership development with multi-rater evaluations.

  • Exit

    Retain top talent by discovering what motivates individuals to leave your organization.

  • Engagement

    Understand how an employee's workplace attitudes impact performance.

  • Pulse Feedback

    Monitor important metrics throughout the year with short surveys.

How we work

1 In the initial discovery we will evaluate your needs and get a comprehensive understanding of the project goals. After we figure out how we can help, we will come up with a detailed plan which we will collaboratively fine tune.

2 We will coordinate to ensure a seamless project launch and keep you updated while we collect responses. Following data collection we’ll analyze the results and generate reports. In the feedback delivery, you’ll discover actionable insights and identify areas to focus improvement.

3 We can help guide you through improvement processes with consultants skilled in multiple organizational development practices. Learn how to expand your current project to incorporate the entire life-cycle or dive deeper into your current project with needs assessments, job analysis, or focus groups.