Human Capital Solutions

Every organization is unique. At TalentLab Collaborative, we customize every improvement initiative to your organization's unique characteristics. We provide the tools to discover insights, empower leaders and front-line managers to bridge the gap from insights to action.


Gather important information about your hiring process and how new employees perceived the experience. The ramp up time for most skilled positions is 12 to 18 months. Improving your onboarding process can help boost initial engagement, align job training, and assimilate the culture.


Although there are many definitions of engagement, we view this as a measure of how employees think, feel and act about their work. It looks at both their feelings toward their employer and their job. Highly engaged employees have been key drivers when linking to key business indicators. Results can also shed light on employee happiness and levels of commitment.

360° Feedback

Get a holistic view of employee performance through the lens of their peers, managers, direct report and even their customers. Provide actionable feedback and create a developmental strategy based on 360 feedback.

Pulse Surveys

Keep tabs on important metrics like engagement throughout the year with small pulse surveys. Insights can help predict when moral might decrease so you can get ahead of it. If you’re working on an improvement initiative, pulse surveys are perfect to assess progress.

Exit Surveys

Are you losing your best talent? Figure out why people are leaving your organization so you can retain your top performers. If you’re not collecting information from employees leaving your organization it’s costing you thousands in hiring and training costs.

Custom Survey Development

All of our employee life-cycle surveys are customized to your organization’s individual norms, culture, goals, and strategic plan. If you have a unique employee survey project that you need help on, let us know how we can help. We’ve got years of experience creating, distributing, and analyzing custom surveys.

Our Process


Discover your needs and get a comprehensive understanding of your pain points, goals, and how we can help.


Develop an action plan tailored to maximize organizational value. Review and fine-tune objectives, timeline, and deliverables.


Partnering with the most advanced survey platform, we'll seamlessly administer your project to collect responses, providing you with updates along the way.


Discover actionable insights into your workforce and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement along the employee lifecycle.


Hone in on what really matters while learning how to expand your current project to incorporate the entire lifecycle.